How you can take great photos vs. good photos by Mischele Miller Photography – sponsor.

Taking great pictures vs. good pictures is easy once you know a few simple tricks of the trade. Armed with these basic techniques, you will be on your way to becoming a much better photographer whose photos will be sure to wow your friends and family.

Let’s talk about the Rule of Thirds. This is a “rule of thumb” that is a primary technique for composition of your photos. The rule, simply stated, is to place the subject matter “off center” of the photo, in other words, you want the primary subject to be in the lower/upper left or lower/upper right section of the photograph as opposed to being smack in the center. Many beginning photographers make the mistake of centering their subjects (in the middle of the picture). Centering your subject for some photos is fine, like headshots; however, if you want to take a great photo instead of just an okay or good photo, use this simple technique to give your photos a boost.

To help you visualize the technique of using the Rule of Thirds when you are out taking pictures of your family at the beach, or a bird in the sky, a surfer, or flower, picture a grid over your photo, think a TIC-TAC-TOE grid with lines over your photo. Some camera phones have the ability to display your photo with a grid while framing your subjects, check your settings for this option. Now, when framing or “composing” your photo, make sure your subject is far to the left or to the right of the center of the photo, NOT in the middle. Simple, huh? See, you can take great pictures like a professional, too!

This little trick, learning to use the Rule of Thirds when taking your photos, is a strategy used by experienced and professional photographers who know the pleasing effects this has on their viewers. Besides, having everything perfectly centered all the time gets boring. Spruce up your photography skills by learning to use this simple, yet very effective technique. Don’t forget to focus and breathe!

Happy shooting, everyone!

~ Mischele Miller Photography